Sunday, May 30, 2010

mini mondays

mondays are henceforth for the fun little mangas 5 volumes or less that i’ve found.

lets see here… OHHH!!! beauty is the beast! (i really love this one!)

it’s a tale as old as time… sort of. written in 2003, this cute fairy tale is rewritten in a more modern sense. Eimi is not new at her school, but she’s living in the dorms which is TOTALLY new for her. here, she meets her best friends, Misao and Suzu, who are barely important to the story accept that they are trying to hook her up with the well intentioned and highly attractive Shimonuki Satoshi who happens to be in love with Eimi to begin with. Eimi is totally oblivious to this fact and goes on in silent admiration of Wanibuchi Takami (she calls him “Wanichiin”). Can you imagine the drama to insue?

We can thank Tomo Matsumoto for this little pleasure which is sure to brighten your day.

K, Happy reading and see ya on… thursday?