Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you February! I figured since February is the month of love, what better topic than the guardian of love and justice herself: SAILOR MOON!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with this incredibly popular 90’s manga, anime, 2003 Japanese Live-Action drama series, and age shows spanning this whole time, I cry for you. I may be just a TAD bit bias because I personally think that the first arc is the BEST LOVE STORY EVER WRITTEN!!! (and yes, that includes Twilight by Stephanie Myers)
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Sailor Moon is the story of Usagi Tsukino (in English her name is Serena or Bunny) and her 4 best friends AMi (Amy), Rei (Raye), Makoto (Lita), and Minako (Mina). As they work their way through middle school and eventually high school whilst carrying the burrden of a past life in which they were super heroines and princesses. (Believable, right?) It’s far-fetched, but any fan understands that Naoko Takeuchi, the mangaka, has the power to bend reality and make it believable. It can be split into 5 major arcs.

1. Sailor Moon Classic (also referred to as “The dark Kingdom Arc”.
2. Sailor Moon R (“The Black Moon Arc”)
3. Sailor Moon S (“The Infinity Arc”
4. Sailor Moon Super S (“The Dream Arc”)
5. Sailor Moon Stars (“the Stars Arc”)

Over the next month I plan to do a post on each season as well as each character. If I can :) Fingers Crossed because I have been preparing all January for this!